Q: Is this a fund raiser?
A:  This day is designed to be an experience -- a chance for these kids and their families to forget some of their worries and just enjoy a football event! All of the families are invited to participate as Lindbergh Football guests -- the event is free! Our Lindbergh Student Council hosts the concession stand throughout the evening just like at a regular Friday night game and any money taken in there is donated to Sunday Night Lights. After our expenses are paid, 
any money left is donated to three amazing local St. Louis organizations: Rainbows for Kids, Friends of Kids with Cancer and Camp Rainbow.
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: We welcome patients and their siblings ages 3-16!
Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes! We realize there are many things to consider when participating in any event. We welcome special requests and will try our best to accommodate. The football game is set up as a flag football game (so no tackling!). Kids are welcome to participate as much or as little as they feel they can. Our high school "buddies" are well informed of the needs of their special "heroes" and are willing to help! Every possible measure is taken to ensure the kids get the fun and the experience that is comfortable for them. Please do no hesitate to contact us with any questions and concerns!
Q: Are the carnival games too challenging for little ones or physically challenging?
A. No. They are set up by wonderful volunteers, Boy Scouts, School Clubs, Girl Scouts, Church groups and Community Organizations. The games are designed to be fun and entertaining while appealing to most age groups. Each game has small prizes for participating or for just stopping by to say "Hi"! Some have face painting, hair coloring, ring toss, etc.
Q: What if my child doesn't want to or can't participate in the game but still wants to come?
A: That's great too! You are welcome to sign up to come enjoy the carnival games and dinner and then make your way to the field to be a VIP guest, a fan in the stands or just see what it is all about.
Q. How do I register?
A: Click the registration tab and make sure you send in one registration for each member that wants to participate.-- and "like us" on face book!

Q: We want to come to the event but not be a football player, cheerleader or other member, is that OK?
A: YES! Come visit with us, play some carnival games and have dinner. You would still need to register so that we know to expect you, but certainly only participate in what you are comfortable with.

Q: What if I am registered and can't make it that day?
A: That's OK! We understand things happen and circumstances change. No worries. Go ahead and register if you are interested in participating.

Q: What if we can't stay the whole event?
A: Absolutely fine! Come for as long or as little as you like. This day is for you! Little ones get tired, you may have other commitments or something comes up. That's OK! We would truly love to have you as our guest as it fits your schedule.